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Photovoltaic Material Development Business

For the first time in the world, we have discovered a photovoltaic function by processing high-purity SiO2, and although the structure of this electromotive material produced from SiO2 is simple, we are developing applications for it as a highly functional raw material.
This raw material can be used as a photovoltaic electrode, a new semiconductor material, or in combination with perovskite solar cells and storage batteries to provide a variety of functions. 

​Photovoltaic element development business

We have developed a photovoltaic device that uses a photovoltaic material.
We discovered the world’s first photovoltaic material that has electricity generation functions that differ from semiconductor theory and generates electricity in low light environments. In addition, we discovered that photovoltaic elements with high transparency could be manufactured by processing the base material and have high expectations for their application in a wide range of products.
It can be expected that versatility will spread. It is being applied to IoT and window specifications. We have all IP rights outside of Japan and plan to develop this business.

Epithelial cell growth stimulator business

We have developed a new oligopeptide that can easily pass through the stratum corneum and reach the target cells where it should have an effect. This peptide is a new raw material that is expected to be used as an epithelial cell growth promoter to stimulate epithelial cells to promote hair growth, to promote epithelial cell growth to promote skin regeneration, and to be used in regenerative medicine such as skin ulcer treatment and mucous membrane damage treatment.

​Cell culture business

We have developed "DSeA-3D®", which provides a three-dimensional culture environment similar to that in vivo, as a culture substrate.
It is capable of primary culture of cancer cells, etc., and is excellent for observation of the growth process, so we provide it as a tool for basic research and development in the biomedical field and for pharmaceutical development.
In the future, it is expected to be used as a research tool in regenerative medicine and drug discovery.

Technology for Authenticity Authentication (Artificial Metrics)

In order to confirm that cash cards and credit cards are genuine and officially issued, we have developed a medium (chip) for authenticating cards, called artificial metrics. We are proposing a system that reads this chip to authenticate whether or not the card is counterfeit, thereby enhancing security. This system can be used not only for cards, but also for passports, bonds, and other documents that need to be checked for authenticity, and as a means of preventing counterfeit ICs.

Air Purifier for New Coronavirus

In order to prevent droplet nuclei infection, we have developed an air purifier that combines UV-C (deep ultraviolet germicidal lamp) and ozone lamp with excellent germicidal effect. This model is designed to be installed not only in hospitals but also in factories, schools, public places, and other places where people come and go to prevent airborne infection.

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