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The power generation glass

IFTL and inQs harvest power from colorless, virtually clear glass

For Release on 1 September 2021

IFTL and inQs are pleased to announce that they have successfully harvested power using virtually colorless clear glass.  The power generation glass is made using SQPV (SQ Photovoltaic) technology, which has a visible light transmittance of 75% and is capable of providing both heat insulation and power generation.   The glass is able to generate power from both sides of the glass.  It can also substantially reduce the heat generated by sunlight.   Energy generated from the glass can help to reduce carbon footprint by using the energy where it is harvested.

This technology is based on initial research and patents from International Frontier Technology Laboratory Inc. (IFTL), and uses material technology and nanotechnology to harvest power from light using catalysts and electrodes.

inQs Co., Ltd(IFTL’s subsidiary)has been developing glass to generate electricity using this SQPV technology.

IFTL and inQs have produced this product with the support of the NTT Group.  The products can be used as window glass capable of harvesting energy that can then to be used locally.

NTT group has a large information and communications relationship between the wired communication business, mobile communication business, Internet-related business, and information and communications business, and has recently been focusing on overseas information system construction business, domestic urban development, and power energy business.

Product Specifications:


SQPV glass body (excluding frame):

Width:  280mm

Length 280mm

Glass thickness: 2mm

Visible light transmission:  75%

Electric current generation:  ~70 milliampere (mA)

Solar heat gain is 0.69


“The first application of the product has been installed at Kaijo Gakuen in August. This allows the students at Kaijo Gakuen to view this innovative technology, and to inspire their future studies in this field.  We are proud to have Kaijo Gakuen as our first client.”, said Nobuaki Komatsu, President of IFTL. 

About IFTL

FTL has developed a new material, SQ.   SQ is a material emitted by light, and IFTL has developed an optical power generation device that harvests energy from this material that can generate power.  This technology is the winner of numerous awards, including E&Y’s “Entrepreneur of the Year Special Award”, Japan Venture Awards Technology Innovate Special Award, and the IDTechEx “Best Technical Development within Energy Harvesting Award​

Sample products of the product are shown below.

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